Lord Vishnu as imperishable banyan tree.Tolerance as a tree, spreads its roots(above). The tree that fulfils all desires, and its strong root(all expectations at its root) is dharma(the quality of virtue) or Duty. Trinity of the stem - Knowledge, Karma(work, action), Meditation(worship). Lord Vishnu illuminates and spreads light in all the seasons as imperishable banyan tree. One should live like a imperishable banyan tree. Tree is the epitome of virtue.what is action? Heartbeat is action,Pulsation is a action,Sleeping is a action:dying too is an activity.This is the gist of all worship-To be pure to your work or duty and to do good for others.He who sees Shiva in poor,in the weak, and in the diseased,really worships Shiva:if he sees Shiva only in images,his worship is but preliminary .In short The ways of god are just.One should overcome insurmountable difficulties By reciting I"TS(GOD) Name..One should not be Tempted by wayside attractions the delay on our part can upset the whole Apple-cart.one should go on working and work with a sense of Non-attachment.Flow Like ,ocean glow Like Saint ,Drink (Poison) Like lord Shiva,Than you Free From the Circle of Life and Death. Lord Ganesha Ji Ganapati Bappa Morya, Mangalmurti Morya.: Ganesh Visarjan at Haridwar under the guidance of Shri Pawan Sharma Ji


Ganesh Visarjan at Haridwar under the guidance of Shri Pawan Sharma Ji

Ganesh Chaturthi also known as chintamani Chaturthi is celebrated as the Birth Anniversary of Lord Ganesh, the God of Wisdom and Prosperity of Hindu mythology. Approximately 600 idols of Ganesh are commissioned for Ganesh Chaturthi in haridwar alone. And in Mumbai we can multiply ten times.

The idol of Ganesh is installed at homes and temples and worshipped for ten days. The houses are cleaned up before the idol of Ganesh is installed. The idol is brought home with face covered with a saffron cloth amidst chanting of shlokas.Ganesh Visarjan is the culmination of the Ganesh Chaturthi Festival which celebrates the birthday of elephant-headed god Ganesh. Ganesha immerse holy idols in the ,  Ganga accompanied by drum beats, devotional songs and dancing.While celebrated all over India, it is most elaborate in western and southern India. Outside India, it is celebrated widely in Nepal and by Hindus in the United States, Canada and Fiji.

We the people of Amritsar who are connected  to Lord Ganesha 400 YEARS OLD TEMPLE in Logarh  Gate also participated in visarjan under the Guidance of shri Pandit Pawan Kumar Sharma  in Haridwar every year for taking the blessing of lord upmapati son with all the Santana vidi here is some picture and movies which we took here.

  We went to prarthana sabha in haridwar and first of all; loed ganesha ji sit on his seat before visarjan  and under the guidence of  Shri Pandit Pawan kumar Sharma ji Brahm Bhoj Was done daily on 1:00 Pm at afternoon from 5 /9/2014  .  Brahm (for Brahmin) bhoj (for feast) is a unique ritual of feeding Brahmins. It is considered auspicious and is practiced on occasions of , various poojas.

Brahmins are supposed to be the uppermost caste and associated with the performance of all the Vedic rituals. The basic idea behind Brahm-bhoj is to get their blessings. The family members usually participate in serving the Brahmins. 


Here we also have bhajan kirtan ceremony 2014 videos, Ganpati Visarjan puja / pooja. In short, it will be a complete Ganpati Visarjan – last day of Vinyaka Chaturthi celebration teleacast online. Now everyone thinking There will be crowds, there will be cheers. Families will gather on sea-facing balconies to watch idols big and small go by. Devotees will bid tearful goodbyes to lord Ganpati.

The large Ganesh statues take a long time to reach the River Ganga and be immersed. The slow moving processions commonly start out 3p:m  and go throughout the River Ganga

 Many roads are closed to traffic, Due to ganesh visarjan ,Prior to immerse the  Vinayaks ideol in to the river Ganga  there proper vidi (chanting mantras and songs) was being flowed by Brahman.

 Public celebrations of the festival are hugely popular,  DANCING , singing  and enjoying by saying  everyone  GANPATI BHAPPA MORIYA  MANGAL MURTI  MORIYA.
 in short , The festival is also the time for cultural activities like singing and dancing performances, and use of Gulal is common as common in  the festival of holy

Ganesh Festival is truly electrifying and energetic.During evening time specially during Visarjan(Immersion) entire devotee's

  used to get the taste of fantastic dhol dhamaka music and one used to start dancing automatically.

The Ganesh Chaturthi in Haridwar has become very popular. The popularity of this festival can be gauged from the fact that many a trader and business have started using the pandals for advertising. Besides Social organisations and Residents welfare organisations all over Haridwar

and the NCR have this festival as part of their annual calendar of festivals.

At Finally we reached Har ki pori and one of my friend"s with me  ask me the why we immerse  Ganesha  into the river while sitting at Har ki Pori than i explain.
Hari ki podi

Visarjan is a Sanskrit word that refers to final rite and act of invoking departure. Symbolically  the idol is seen as a temporary body in which the Lord descends on invocation of the devout. The mud idol is finally returned to the nature by submersion into running water, such as a lake, river or the sea. For the devout, the purpose of Visarjan is to replenish the spiritual energy of the earth and a reminder that material wealth is transitory and is of no use to the soul. The process of Ganesh visarjan teaches us detachment; and the reminds us of ephemeral nature of the body. It explains that our body that we cherish and pamper, will one day be reduced to ashes and natural elements. The Ganpati immersion is marked by the near delirious devotees of the Lord going into a vivacious mood. The cheering crowd can be seen dancing on the roads to bid adieu their God of wisdom, prosperity and good fortune.
In Har ki pori  ,  Visarjan processions in the city are full of colour, sound, dance and depict the very essence of the humble North indian culture. The drumming of the dhols, the wonderful display of lezims and the bright and vibrant attire add to the grandeur of the procession.

The journey of the Ganesh idol from the Prathna sabha to Har ki pori

    is worth experiencing. The wheeled (here Wheeled platform symbolizes Ganesha is sitting on the head of       one of the main devotee  , and others once dancing and singing Mantras by their sweet voices, we can here also symbolizes devotees v/s organizers  )  platformon which the idol sits is pulled by the organisers. This makes the idol rush towards the Har ki Pori  at breakneck speeds. However at time, the idol changes direction and then there is a crazy scampering of the crowds to get out of its way!

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